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Define versatility with yoga bottoms

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Have you heard about KDW apparel? This is an activewear website based in Los Angeles that defines style and comfort in its own unique way by presenting amazing yoga and pilates clothes for women. This kind of clothing has recently found its place in the fashion industry. These are super-comfortable which are not only suitable for a workout session, but also for normal working and casual days. From yoga bottoms, leggings, and hoodies to maxi and traveler jumpsuits, all are made up of the highest high-quality fabric.  

How yoga bottoms can be your daily wear?

I believe this to be the best part of KDW is that they are known for designing leggings that can be worn comfortably to the gym, studio, brunch and out on the town without feeling reluctant. Their vibrant and functional leggings form a perfect pair with tops that are super-chic, comfortable and breathable for the whole day. You’ll definitely love this duo paired for your gym or office.

Yoga Bottom

Whether you are a lover of pastel shades or of brighter shades, everything is there.  Their beautiful and vibrant leggings are an easy match with tops due to the various color waves. My favorite is pairing KDW leggings with an oversized denim shirt for a more casual chic look. You can throw the shirt on after your Yoga or Pilates class to meet your friends for dinner or drinks.

How to get ready for your dinner date if you don’t have time to change?

I am sharing my topmost secret with you all which I had applied in my life as well when I was under time restraints before a dinner date. When you have no time to go home to change this is an easy fix:

  •    Pair your sexy yoga bottoms that hug your body with a crop top to add some spice to your dinner date.
  •    Secondly, if the crop top is also not possible, then make one.  Tie a knot      with the bottom of the top to make it a crop top and if you want to be       creative, then pull out your scissors and start cutting.  Here are the 6 steps to make a crop top with an old tee and a pair of scissors:
  1. Choose an old shirt to turn into a crop top
  2. Identify your desired crop top length
  3. Cut off the bottom of the shirt at your desired chosen length
  4. Reserve 2 triangular strips of fabric to secure the shirt
  5. Cut along the inside of the collar
  6. For a sleeveless crop top, cut off the sleeves.
To have a wider look at their Yoga pants and pilates tops for women go to the KDWapparel website. Being functional, comfy, durable, sustainable, and affordable; you’ll not be disappointed.

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