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How Isolation Gown, Protective Gown and Surgical Medical Gown are different?

medical gowns

Disposable gowns or cloth medical gowns are being used in hospitals by medical staffs and patients in order to prevent themselves from infectious diseases while avoiding spread of microbes or any fluids.

But apart from these, many medical personnel have least idea about these types of gowns. So in this post you will get to know some of the basics of disposable gowns, protective gowns, and surgical cloth medical gowns.

Disposable Isolation Gown

This isolation gown is used by medical staffs to avoid spread of blood or any other fluids or infections in order to protect themselves as well as patients from getting infected.

These disposable gowns are made from diverse non-woven materials which have better plasticity feature. These gowns are made by different fiber joining techniques so as to increase their toughness which is why these are more resistant to wear and tear.

Disposable Isolation Gown

These gowns are made in a way to acts as a barrier between spreading of different infections and micro-organisms. These gowns are of two types i.e., waterproof and non-waterproof.

Disposable Protective Gown

These disposable protective gowns are used by medical staffs when they have to encounter patients suffering from type A infectious disease. In this medical staffs have to follow certain guidelines while dealing with patients with diseases like SARS, Ebola, MERS, H7N9 avian influenza etc.

A standard protective gown must have some features such as liquid barrier function, flame retardancy and antistatic properties, filtration efficiency etc.

Disposable Protective Gown

This gown consists of hooded tops as well as trousers and its legs and cuffs are tightened to avoid distribution of infection and can be divided into one-piece or separate structure and is prohibited to use it more than once.

Disposable Surgical Cloth Medical Gown

    These cloth medical gowns are used while performing any surgery by medical personnel. It acts as a barrier between the patients and staffs in order to avoid any spread of infections or fluids to prevent them from any sort of disease.

    In addition to this, it is used in strict sterile sterilization while treating patients in particular operating theatres.

    Disposable Surgical Cloth Medical Gown

    Moreover, in reference to European Standards EN13795 (, material quality of these gowns must have features like barrier properties, able to penetrate microbes and infections, must be comfortable to wear.  

    It also states that, these gowns must be impermeable, barren, combined and not to have hat. Normally, the end cuffs of these gowns are comfortable to wear and are elastic which makes them easy to use.

    After using it once, the surgical gown must be cleaned, sterilized and then can be used again to prevent spread of infections.


    Talking about appearance, disposable isolation gown and protective gowns are commonly used as compared to disposable cloth medical surgical gowns. Surgical medical gowns can be used in place of other two gowns requirements but not the other way round. This common information must be a pre-requisite for all medical personnel in all hospital before assigning their job.

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