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How to be cool during hot yoga sessions ?

Hot Yoga dresses Yoga dresses yoga sessions

I’ve been faithfully into hot yoga going on ten consecutive years.  Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Bikram are typically my preference for my hot yoga practice.   Hot yoga is any type of yoga practiced in a warm climate-controlled room with temperatures ranging anywhere from 85 to 105 degrees. Turning up the heat increasingly adds intensity of the session and for those who are not as flexible as others, the heat will only deepen your practice, giving you a detoxifying sweat.

It is a necessity to be prepared while doing hot yoga as the 60-90-minute class can seem like an eternity. And not being a prepared can be a huge disservice to your practice and distraction. You need every ounce of focus and concentration to get you through.   I am going to share some important tips that you should keep in mind before your hot yoga workout.

  • Wear less, wear comfortable

The less you wear in the hot yoga class, the more comfortable you would be. You can buy yoga tops and bralettes for women online that provide comfort and support.  KDW Apparel is my most-favorite brand that offers Pilates tops and yoga wear at great prices. Their Bomb Shorts are amazing.  They are not only cute but offer coverage and you can feel free to do any pose without your waistband sliding down.  If you prefer long leggings that help keep the perspiration from running down your legs, especially when doing arm balance poses like crow pose, KDW Apparel leggings offer moisture management, are functional, breathable and the patterns are pleasing to the eyes.  The Malibu Barbies are my favorites.  Hit their website, you’ll find something for yourself.

  • Bring towels

Most studios have towels to rent, but if you’re like me, I prefer my own soft, fluffy towel. I’d prefer not to use the same towels that have been abused by all the washing and drying daily. I’m a little spoiled that way.

Bring a water bottle

Water is mandatory when doing hot yoga. Taking a water break will essentially feel like a luxury during a hot intense yoga class.  Take sips when your body needs it, however, avoid drinking the entire bottle as it would upset your stomach.

  • Avoid the urge to leave the room

You may feel as if you’re dying but leaving class can really be shocking for your body to go from extreme hot to extreme cold. So, when you’ve hit 50 minutes and you feel as if you can’t go on, simply sit or lie down on the mat and just breathe. Resting in child’s pose typically helps get me through. 



Flower Child Bomb Shorts



Champage Wunda Woman Bralette


Flower Child Bomb Shorts and Champage Wunda Woman Bralette

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