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Preparing For Your First Pilates Class | KDW Apparel

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Walking into the Pilates Studio for the first time may feel overwhelming and disconcerting.  The Reformer and the Cadillac equipment alone, are both intimidating and looks a little scary.  And if you happen to walk in on an ending Pilates session where the student is demonstrating hanging back on the trapeze on the cadillac, will make you want to bolt out of the door.  But don’t worry if you get a good instructor, you will not be doing hanging back for a while. Just know we have all been there and we survived our first Pilates class. So what do you wear to Pilates? Here are a few tips to insure a successful first Pilates class.


No shoesPilates Clothes

Unlike a regular training session at a gym, no sneakers are needed.  You will kindly be asked to leave your shoes in a designated cubby. Due to sanitary reasons, many studios require you wear socks or grip socks to keep your feet from sliding on the equipment.   

Think Form-Fitting, Not Baggy:

Pilates attire should be stretchy  but not loose fitting. This way your instructor can see the way your muscles and bones are aligned and engaged while cueing your movements.  Wearing leggings with center and side seams will also help your instructor access your symmetry and alignment in class. KDW Apparel is internationally known for designing Pilates workout wear.  The owner, Katina Weaver Walker is a Pilates instructor who was inspired to create Pilates wear from watching her clients workout in unfriendly Pilates attire. It was important to her to design Pilates clothes that was functional, fun and chic. Check out their website for beautiful Pilates and Yoga Wear designs of leggings, bralettes and tops.

Leave Jewelry,  accessories and adornments home:  Belts, long necklaces and dangling bracelets are Pilates no no’s.  Not only can they be distracting, but dangerous if they get caught in the equipment.  Safely is everything in Pilates. Anything with zippers, clasps and buckles should never be worn in Pilates.  These embellishments can damage the leather of the equipment.

Hair:  If your hair is long, use a scrunchy to pull it out of your face and in a bun on top of your head or simply pull it back.  Your hair could easily get caught in the equipment.

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