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YOGA WEAR FOR WOMEN: A unique combo of fashion & fitness

It’s been four months since our New Year’s fitness resolutions and I hope you all are continuing with your Yoga and Pilates practice and that your fitness goals have not fallen by the wayside. I too started following a fitness regimen since the New Year and to my surprise I have stuck with it. It was hard at first, but I needed a little motivation. So what I found was that my well intended resolution to work out more would be more successful if I felt good about  my workout gear.

yoga wear for women

I started following these Instagram fitness instructors and they were all wearing these beautiful vibrant leggings and matching bralettes from KDW Apparel, a small company based in Los Angeles, designed for women by women. I’m not going to kid myself I must admit I was was intimidated at first.  I knew darn well, I would never look as good as Mickiphit or Equitness (KDW Ambassadors) as I practiced my side plank, but to my surprise when I received my first pair of leggings from KDW, I was pleasantly surprised, they fit amazing and hugged all the right places. I felt good in them and it felt good breaking the monotony from my usual bland and non flattering workout wear.

yoga pants for women

So, my advice to you is to break your monotony of daily boring yoga tops and yoga pants for women. This will really add spice to your workout sessions and the desire to hit your fitness goes will rise exponentially.

As soon as, I recognized this thing, I bought two more pairs of leggings at a great discount.  I even used one of their Ambassadors discount codes for a percentage off their yoga wear for women.

There are many activewear websites out there, but here are 10 reasons why I only shop with KDW Apparel.  

  1. All of their designing and manufacturing processes are done in Los Angeles and not in some sweat shop overseas.
  2. All of their leggings have UPF protection
  3. They do not waste fabrics, they use everything.
  4. When you buy a pair of leggings, you get a matching headband
  5. The owner is a fitness & Pilates Instructor and I trust that she knows her stuff
  6. All of their apparel are tested by certified Pilates and fitness instructors before they go to production.
  7. The leggings are vibrant and fun.  They make me happy!
  8. The leggings are technical, functional and fit and look amazing on
  9. Great prices! KDW Ambassador discount codes are easy to find on Instagram or their Facebook!
  10. The leggings are perfect for the gym or studio but can be worned leisurely as well.  

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