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NOTE: Form submission indicates agreement with KDW Apparel Wholesaler Terms & Conditions* and permission to subscribe our mailing list.

The fine print:

All Wholesale applications are subject to approval.

Once we receive your application our amazing sales team will give it a lot of love and attention to ensure you are the right match for KDW Apparel. We are looking for clients that will Spread the KDW Love and Colors with Integrity and Appreciate the quality, design and beauty of our products!

We look forward to receiving your application and to have you on board.

Any questions you have please do not hesitate to email:

Please note: the approval process can take 5 business days.

Completing your application:

- Please fill in all mandatory lines on the application form;

- Please provide correct address for your business - We do need to know where your business is located in order to maintain the exclusivity of our brand, and also give your business a radius of exclusivity we extend to all wholesalers.   

- Please provide a website address for your business as well as any other social media pages your business may be connected to.

*Wholesale Terms and Conditions

  • Business located in USA, UK and Canada are only allowed to order from our USA online store. If you are from other countries and are affiliated with BASI Pilates, email me at for information.
  • Business located in Japan or in any other Asian country can now order from US online store or contact us at
  • Business located in Australia or New Zealand country can now order from US online store or contact us at
  • You must have a registered business in order to sell our products.
  • You must provide us the current address for where your business is located
  • If you have more than one business where you will be selling KDW Apparel, you must provide us the location for all your business where our product will be sold.
  • If you are a current wholesaler and you started a second/third/fourth business such as online shopping, a studio, a retail store and you would like to sell our products you must notify us and your request is subject to approval.
  • Wholesalers are not allowed to sell our products at locations we are not aware of and or has not be approved.
  • Wholesalers are not allowed to sell our products on websites like Amazon, eBay and any other online website without our authorization. Failing in doing this will account will be terminated and legal actions will be applied.
  • If your Studio establishes an online store and you would like to sell our products online, you must notify us. Your request is subject to approval. Failing in doing this your account will be reviewed.
  • Each order must be a minimum wholesale value of $700.  Please inquire.
  • After your wholesale application is approved, you have 30 days to place your first order. Failing that, your wholesale account will be closed.

There will be limited edition pieces that may not repeat a print. Those pieces will be stated as limited edition by KDW Apparel Management. This is our brand differential and selling point. Orders must be paid in full prior to delivery.

  • Wholesalers prices should be align with KDW Apparel prices. The lowest price should always be the KDW Apparel website price.
  • Wholesalers should wait at least 12 weeks from the day the order is received to put their inventory on sale unless approved by KDW Apparel Management.
  • Only faulty items can be returned and exchanged. All our products are checked before sent to our clients, however sometimes may be a fault in the garment which can be overlooked, it is the wholesalers responsibility to check stock on arrival as faulty items needs to be returned within 7 days from the date order is received. If you are out of the country please send us an email with photos of the defective garment for return approval. 
  • Faulty items needs to be returned within 7 days. Once KDW Apparel receive the faulty item, the item will undergo through a quality review and we will notify you on the outcome.
  • KDW Apparel does not provide refunds on items bought on a wholesale order, only exchanges will be made. 
  • Please note that all wholesale items being returned either faulty or unsuitable must be returned directly to the original wholesaler. KDW Apparel cannot exchange or refund wholesale customers.
  • Please note, to accommodate rapidly fluctuating inventory levels, we might need to substitute up to 10% of your wholesale order. In this instance, we will send you the closest style or size.

Once you have applied for a wholesale account using the online form, you will NOT be able to make purchases using this account immediately. Wholesale accounts and orders are subject to approval.

Wholesale Shipping Information

  • Shipping is calculated on an individual basis and added to your invoice And . Shipping cost is based on your order weight and on your order destination.
  • Wholesalers are responsible for full shipping costs.
  • Valid orders will be processed immediately and dispatched within 3-5 business days. Delivery times can vary: if you require a more specific estimate please contact us.
  • Order to countries outside the US may be subject to import duties/taxes which are applied when your package reach your country. Your order is shipped on a Delivery Duty Unpaid basis. We are unable to estimate the amount of duties and taxes your package will incur as these charges are imposed by your local customs. Payment of these is necessary to release your order from customs. For more information please contact your local customs office.
  • For any international orders KDW Apparel will declare the FULL value on international shipment and invoice for customs will be included if requested. Unfortunately KDW Apparel is unable to declare a lower value on the parcel.
  • Our USA online store only sells and ship to business located in USA, Canada, UK .

Please contact us if you require any extra information: