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Pilates Vs Yoga | What Experts Say

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The principle of yoga is to unite the mind, body, and soul. Yoga instructors see the mind and body already united. Yoga is done to heal the body and help the person to find mental harmony. That’s why yoga is considered to be the most effective therapeutic activity. It helps in making your body more flexible and promoting relaxation to the body. Moreover, it also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

In yoga, a number of exercises are done on the mat and the weight of our body is used as resistance during the exercise. This needs an extraordinary amount of focus and the flow in and out of each position which is also known as fluid. The highly-experienced yogis have designed different poses for specific needs and purposes.

Pilates has almost the same goals in mind as yoga but in addition to mat work, several Pilates exercises can be done on different machines. The core is the major focus of Pilates and focusing on the core helps in making your body stronger inside and out. And during Pilates you are balancing flexibility and strength which results in stronger and leaner muscles. Many are opting to choose both Yoga and Pilates because of all the positives in both practices.

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How to choose between Yoga and Pilates?

  • Yoga and Pilates both contain different poses that are really helpful for toning the abdominal muscles. Pilates exercises are more useful and can be achieved better than practicing yoga.
  • Those who are suffering from back pain, Pilates and yoga both are the best options for improving the flexibility of body and also it also increases the flexibility in your joints as well.
  • Yoga has been proven more helpful for people who are dealing with depression and anxiety. The breathing exercises help in relaxing the body.
  • Yoga and Pilates both are wonderful for toning and enlongating the muscles in the body.
  • When it comes to weight loss, neither of them shows massive effects on the body.The key for weight loss is watch your caloric intake.Women pilates wear

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